It's all publicity with Chad. I could see it playing out this way. Chad will play the role of the hardcore Bumgal and "attempt" to "play through the pain." This in his eyes will make him a hero to the "Bumgal County" (they don't have a nation like the Steelers and it is a small county).

A few games into the season we will hear how he "can't play to the level he is use to" and how "he can't help his team playing with one arm." At that point he goes on IR.

He will achieve his goal of taking another year off his Bumgal contract and getting his service time while not damaging his future prospects. He saves his reputation and does what he wanted to do all along--not play for the Bumgals anymore than he has to. He gets well and restates his desire to get the heck out of Cincinnatti after they have another abysmal losing season.