CHFF (finally) posted their "fillability index" for the AFCN today. Basically, it's a look at offseason additions and subtractions, and how it might affect the team.


Surprisingly, there was not one mention of Faneca. The Steelers received a "D" in their ranking, and it was due to their lack of attention on the D-line which, as we all know, was a weakness last season. I love CHFF, and while I understand their reasoning, they also failed to mention that we were missing one of our key players due to injury.

Nevertheless, I think I'm stating the obvious when I say we MUST go after the D-line in the next draft. I'm thinking they should take one in rounds 1 and 2, though I doubt that will happen.

Not surprisingly, Cinci received an "F" and Clevleand received an "A-", while Baltimore got a "B".