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First of all I never said that it wasn't a similar incident, and I cannot comment for my fellow Steelers fans and what they said, but if the first incident wasn't similar to the next then I don't know what it was. There was definately a corrolation between the first incident and the last one, it set a precedent for things to come. The team saw it that way I'm sure. If someone wants to claim that the guy had nothing to do with the first time the cops were called out then they are blind. Did the guy vacate the premises before the cops arrived sure but he still was there that night and there was a fight. Whether he was charged with anything or not has no bearing on how it was precieved by the public. Black eye for the team!

The Harrison situation was addressed in house by the team and James took the initiative to help solve the problem. That kind of behavior was not what was expressed by Cedric at the time of his incident (either one). According to him, he had nothing to do with it. Was Harrisons incident a black eye for the organization as well, YES, but he took the steps necessary to resolve the situation.

As far as someone being cleared of charges, why would you bring up Santonio. He was charged in two different incidents but was not convicted of either. He has shown no other problems off the field since before his rookie year. I don't believe that is an issue, maybe he was just a kid in the wrong place at the wrong time. We have all been mixed up with people that probably weren't best for our lives. Ever think of that? Unlike your boy Chris Henry, our young reciever knows how to keep out of trouble.
AK, I'll give you credit for saying Ced Wilson's incidences were related but the majority if not all of the Steeler fans that visited our boards around that time would not admit that. And Steel Torch/Steel Curtain 43, you have access to those boards, show me where you or anyone else said that Ced Wilson was guilty of DV at in the first situation.

Either way AK, you have to admit that if Harrison gets into a similar incident, he's not getting cut unless it's something really serious...

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Jom - I think every team has their share of players with issues...it's how the team deals with them that matters. Yes, we've had our share, but as someone else said - the Steelers tend to deal with it quickly & quietly. Whereas the Bengals have courted this type of player (Henry, Thurman, Rucker, Nicholson, McNeal, Askew, O'Neal & Brooks) & excused their transgressions to try to become a better team. But what other team's fans react to is the hypocrisy...

"The Bengals released Henry after he was accused of punching a college student and breaking his car window with a beer bottle in March. Bengals president Mike Brown also cut ties with Henry, saying he could no longer be with the team.

"His conduct can no longer be tolerated," Brown said at the time. "The Bengals tried for an extended period of time to support Chris and his potentially bright career. We had hoped to guide him toward an appropriate standard of personal responsibility that this community would support and that would allow him to play in the NFL. ... But those efforts end today, as we move on with what is best for our team."

The Bengals said nothing about their decision to re-sign Henry, but they didn't have to - their actions spoke volumes.
So here are the names you brought up Steel Life:

Henry, Thurman, Rucker, Nicholson, McNeal, Askew, O'Neal & Brooks

Henry I have no excuses for.

Odell, I will tell you that Marvin Lewis and Mike Brown (Surprisingly), did not stick up for him which is why he never got another chance to play after his rookie season. Which is a good thing.

Rucker. All of his problems were in college. Eventhough he hasn't done anything wrong since then, I still personally think he is a POS. I'm glad he hasn't done sh it since college. Hopefully we will finally cut him this season. If anyone thinks I'm just saying this now, look up my posts on the bengals boards since 2005 and you'll see I have been saying his pick was a mistake since then.

Nicholson. Not even worth mentioning.

McNeal. Although I ever liked this pick, he had no issues coming out of college. His only incident was with a bouncer outside of club. Seriously that is not a major issue. I'm glad he is gone, but I won't jump all over him.

Askew. Although he sucked from a talent perspective, he was right in a moral sense. He did NOTHING wrong and he won the case against the Cincy police department. People might get charges dismissed here and there but for a player to win a case against the police department, you know there is something more to the story there.

O'Neal. DUI. Not sure what to say there.

Brooks. He is an idiot...

I agree that we appear to court these types of players. Most of them are not even that talented on the field, which is even more distrubing. I think it is ok to take a risk ever so often with these types of players, but we took too many players with issues in too short of a timeframe...

I don't think the case with Harrison would be as you expect. I think that if the situation continued to show signs of trouble, and the trouble persisted then he would be dismissed. There is examples of this happening with the Steelers organization in the past, i.e. Bam Morris. Bam played great in the Super Bowl for the Steelers and then got in trouble and was let go. It didn't matter that he was a player that was producing for the team.

I think the fact that James was proactive and has not run into anymore trouble showed the team that he is taking the right steps to resolve his personal battles, but if he were to get in trouble with the same type of situation he would be gone.