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Well, after a totally bitchin' day of shopping around Latrobe for the
latest and greatest Steeler stuff, me and my Steeler sister are
heading over to Sharkey's again in a bit, hoping to catch a
player or two chilling after practice today.

Although I had all the best intentions, I didn't make it to Dino's
last night (wine + TV + bed = zzzzzzzz....); but we plan to swing
by there for some grub after we quaff a few at Sharkey's. Again,
someone mentioned that's one of Tomlin's favorite jaunts and we
did see Ben there after practice last year.

Hope to have "something" interesting to post later on. If not, I'll be
sure to take lots of pics tomorrow at camp!!!
Be a good girl tonight because we're expecting a full report by this time tomorrow.

Wish a good Buckeye welcome to the native Steeler Universe!