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Great analysis. This team has some kinks to work out, but I'm not too worried (at this point). As far as Hartwig, I didn't see his run-blocking, but his pass-blocking didn't look to bad at all.

As strange as this sounds, I'm starting to worry about the D-line more than the O-line. Not because our O-line will perform better, but because the O-line might be improved while our D-line might get worse. Casey is as fat and out of shape as ever, and Keisel is still Keisel. If those three guys can't hold up, then our pass rush and run defense will suffer.
I will agree with your assessment of the DL. There is no depth there. I think McBean is the exception, but the DL is one injury away from sincerity...and I am not altogether convinced that Hampton will complete the season unscathed. If there is any position the Steelers are looking at the waiver wire for...it is the DL.