Lots of good points here..

i am an AS fan- i really hope he figures it out... because the potential is great.

I do think he has the athletic ability to play FS- but not the cerebral nature required to play it in the NFL. (or at least in the Steelers scheme)

He is- as tomlin put it- a "run and hit" type player. figure out the responsibility - run to the point- hit the target.

I agree, his more natural position in the NFL is SS, and i am looking forward to see how he plays in that role, during these next pre-season games.

I also agree that Troy is too injury prone- and almost certain to miss 4-6 games. I also think that, ultimately Polamalu will end up retiring from football, relatively early in his career, due to the combined affects of these injuries. (this could happen within 2-4 years) Or, maybe as pointed out on another thread- the team lets him go- due to salary cap / value issues regarding a 10 games a year player.

Either way- AS could be an important player for the steelers- when he begins to understand his responsibilities within this scheme.