I like the way he has handled himself with different situations during Training Camp this year.

The Casey Hampton situation was dealt with and dealt with quick. He made it a team issue on purpose to show that you have to be committed to the team concept and what it takes to be a professional, and he didn't care that it was a Pro Bowler. He didn't care if he offended anyone, he just did what was best for the team.

Then the situation with Anthony Smith (not that I want him here) and telling the media that he and the rest of the organization didn't care for their portrayal of his employee as a "thug". I thought that he showed his players that he is on their side and showed his side of being what most would call a "players coach".

I think these are the types of things that build team unity and show what a true leader stands for. Its hard to make the tough decisions sometimes but it has to be done for the betterment of the team and organization as a whole.

I think Coach Tomlin is going to continue to lineage that was built in the Steel City for the last 40 years. Bravo Coach, way to be a standup individual and leader!