Darrin Miller: Smash
Brad S.: Eat my roethlisberger
Shawn H.: G.O.A.T.
J R.: Toejam Football
Nick P.: IronShieks
ben m.: JoosePiggs
Rondell: Truckin U
Mark: McLovin
Tom M.: steeldragons
matt k.: I dont lose
Doug F.: Stillers1
joey y.: P'gh Pit Vipers

I NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS'S--We have been talking about all pitching in 11.50 for a $100 prize to winner and a small trophy. If you want to pitch in and be eligable for the take, let me know here or send me an email [email="rev.darrinmiller@gmail.com"]rev.darrinmiller@gmail.com[/email]---Remember the draft is Wed--Aug 20th at 8pm---Please be there!