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Thread: ? For Steeler Fans that live by NFL teams not in the AFCN

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    Re: ? For Steeler Fans that live by NFL teams not in the AFCN

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozey74
    Would you rather see the Steelers beat the team you live by or a division rival?

    I live among Colt fans & I HATE THE COLTS. Once the Colts became a force in the NFL their fans became cocky and acted like life long supporters. The sight of Peyton Manning and the sound of his voice makes me ill. He talks like he has poop in his mouth.

    The year the Steelers beat them in the playoffs I actually looked forward to going to work the next Monday.

    Just curious to know what other members of the Nation think?

    I have to completely second this. I live about an hour and a half north of Indianapolis, and I have to deal with these "fans" all year long. Actually, I take that back, first two of three games, they don't even know what time the Colts are playing. By seasons end, they bleed blue and white.

    The year the Steelers won the super bowl, I went down to Indy for the Monday night game with my inlaws, who epitimize the type of Colts fans that I described above. I took a lot of crap from Colts fans, especially after that first plat from scrimmage when Harrison scored on the play-action. They kept saying "The Steelers were good in the 70's, our time is now." I almost got into a fight with one of the drunkards by saying, "To have a time, don't you have to win something of importance?" He got all fired up and acted as if he was coming after me, but it was one of those "hold me back, please" moments for him.

    Look, I don't care of you are a casual fan, or a die hard, there's room for everyone. Just don't pass yourself off as a die-hard when you are out mowing the lawn for the first few games of the season and the first question you ask around the watercooler when your co-workers are talking about the game is "oh yea, who won?" They are as passive and fair-weathered as you get, and I love it, I mean love it, when we beat them.

    We play the Bungles/Browns/Ravens twice a year, and as much as I hate losign to them, we get our chance at revenge every year. I'll take a win over the Colts and poster-boy peyton, the guy with skills galore but absolutely no intangibles, anyday.

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    Re: ? For Steeler Fans that live by NFL teams not in the AFCN

    living about 40 mins from Balt and DC- i have to put up with both sides of this.

    I have always hated the redskins... not sure why- but i do.

    If it wasn't for the Ravens being the ex- browns... and in the steelers division, i'd like them as a team. (although Bilick is/was a dick) btw: if you get a chance- Ravens stadium is a great place to watch a game. Much better than Fed Ex field.

    anyway- back to your question.
    Only because it is a divisional opponent, do i prefer a victory over the ravens.
    Even their fans are less annoying than the redskins fans. (if you've never had to listen to a bunch of dorks singin "hail to the redskins", count yourself lucky- they sing it on average 4 times a game... oh god, kill me... )

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    Re: ? For Steeler Fans that live by NFL teams not in the AFCN

    I live in the DC area and I love when the redskins lose and it gives me great pleasure to walk into work the Monday after the Steelers kick their arse. I must say though that I love when we beat the Ravens. They are the team I hate the most and the combination of living in fairly close proximity to Raven territory and them being a division rival just makes Raven weekends all the more intense. So I guess I have to pick the division rival.

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    Re: ? For Steeler Fans that live by NFL teams not in the AFCN

    Where I live, the local natives bandwagon more than other "football fans" I've ever met.
    To be fair, they dont have a hometown NFL team, so I guess thats a big part of it.
    They used to be pretty much Bungle fans but I think after a decade of losing they now tend to gravitate to whoever is winning. There are more and more Colts fans, and still a few Cryboys fans sprinkled around. A few seasons ago all I was hearing was how great the Titans were. People are fickle here in Louisville, I had to get the ticket because they dont even show bungle games as the regional broadcast anymore it's all Colts. (Not that I care about the bungles, but it used to be nice to know you could see our Steelers play at least twice.)

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    Re: ? For Steeler Fans that live by NFL teams not in the AFCN

    For me - beating the Browns/Ravens/ Bengals is the best. Just knowing their fans are suffering makes it great.

    When jerry jones is upset; I'm happy. Hopefully that's a big win this year on 12/7.

    Falcon fans are huge band wagoners. It's pathetic. Even though they stink I admit to enjoying a Falcons loss each week. I'm expecting a couple of black-outs this season. Pre Vick, they never sold out the stadium unless another team's fans were taking it over. And they play indoors - it's so weak!

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    Re: ? For Steeler Fans that live by NFL teams not in the AFCN

    I live about 20 mins. from Philthadelphia and would take MUCH enjoyment in beating the Fagles this season.Everyone knows how absurd Philthy fans are and it would be great to rub it in.


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