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    question for steeld95...

    steeld95, as a season ticket holder, what do you think about this?....
    USC approves seat-licensing plan

    South Carolina's seat-licensing plan is now a reality after the Board of Trustees today approved the plan that would require some season ticket-holders at Williams-Brice Stadium to pay up to $395 for the right to purchase their seats.

    Seat fees will range from $25 to $395. However, trustees were told that the average seat fee would be $157.

    The plan would affect 48,500 seats at the 80,250-seat stadium. Student seats would not be subject to the fee.

    Only 360 seats would carry the top-tier price tag. The largest bloc of seats affected is a group of 13,480 spread throughout the stadium, and those would carry a fee of $145.

    The implementation of the personal seat licenses, beginning for the 2009 season, is expected to generate $7.6 million in annual revenues.

    Officials studied similar plans about two dozen schools, including 10 in the SEC and other non-conference schools such as Clemson, Georgia Tech and North Carolina.


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    Re: question for steeld95...

    Good question. We knew this was coming for a little bit. We got a new athletic director last year. Him and Spurrier agreed that we needed to improve some facilities in order to keep up with the other teams in our league. So they started this new campaign to try and raise money to improve our facilities, which they already started. It will price some people out of getting season tickets....but it won't impact it at all, because their are a ton of people waiting to be eligible to get season tickets. The bottom line is, if we want to compete with teams like Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Clemson..... We can't have sub par facilities. I think most people realize that. Hopefully it works, our recruiting is looking good so far, already have 14 commits.

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    Re: question for steeld95...

    My folks live down in the Greenville/Spartanburg area and I hadn't heard about this issue until recently... I think I need to give my dad a "stern talking to".... ...I agree with the reasoning, and if it isn't a suprise, the fans should accept it for what it will provide... Now, I do think this will be an added pressure for Spurrier to produce a quality product sooner... He is going no where, by any means, but the fans will want a high-ranked team sooner for thier return-on-investment, IMO.


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