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Thread: Ward Upset With AS: Article

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    Re: Ward Upset With AS: Article

    I agree that Smith is a dumbass, but at the same time the kid is a ball hawk and he is the biggest hitting DB we have. I guarantee if we cut him we will eventually regret it. The kid has the Ronnie Lott/ Jack Tatum gene. He is able to apply a knockout blow to a receiver. His timing is perfect for the hit, and he is an itimidator, and he is the guy that give opposing receivers the alligator arms over the middle.

    Should he be hitting receivers in non-contact drills? No. But should they be ready to take the hit anyways? Yes.

    Also if your read the article where Clark commented on the hit, he said that everything was blown out of proportion by the media (looking for a story), and he barely hit Ward. Maybe he was just doing damage control, but I think AS is a guy we need in the d backfield.

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    Re: Ward Upset With AS: Article

    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnMedGuy
    Looks like da alien flat out blew Ward up. Now if he could actually do that to anyone besides his own teammates.
    ET needs to corral that energy to opposing offenses, not his own. I'm hoping someone lights up this kid and shows him what's it like on the other end. It seems that this is the only way that this kid will acquire his smarts.

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    Re: Ward Upset With AS: Article

    These guys play football right??? Take the hit and stop crying, Hines.

    But yeah, I'd like to see AS hitting more people like that when it counts.


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