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Position flexibility is essential in the era of the salary cap. Tomlin gets it!
I think so... Which is why a "kick return specialist" is not a good idea if that's all he can do well.
I agree 100% about not getting a kick return specialist unless it is someone truely "special" like Hester. I can't imagine we can't find a WR or RB who can't return kicks. I give Nate W. a lot of grief, partially to get other posters fired up, but the one thing that I do think is having a WR who can't play on special teams is a problem. I would think that WR is the most logical position to get a returner from (maybe RB or DB).

I hate the thought that we may give up a roster spot for a "kick return specialist." We did that with Rossum last year and it did not provide the xpected value added.
thats why willie reid needs to hold on to the ball. if he can do that he will get a spot on the roster and drummond wont be needed. drummond stinks anyways, i dont like that sign
I really hope it plays out that way. It's on him to earn his helmet on game day. I really think that if he can we will see a very tough receiver who can get yards after the catch.