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The Packers are saying the right things now that they've been forced, but they'll trade him...just watch!
I hope you're right. I've lost any respect I've had for Favre (not that I had much to begin with) and if they make him their starter again, I'll lose all respect for the Packers.

i hope he isnt traded. i think the best thing the pack could do is keep farve and make him the back up. that would be so sweet watching him and his stupid white beard on the side lines holding a clipboard. oh i forgot im sure brett farve is too good to hold a clipboard and give signals
Sweet is going to be when the Packers start 0-2 with Brett on the bench. This would be the stupidest mistake by a CEO and a head coach ever. Fan support for these guys would go to zero and the fans would be screaming for their heads. If they want to keep their jobs they start the future hall of famer who took his team to the NFC Championship game. I like Brett and I am glad to see he wants to come back and compete. How about Aaron Rodgers stats in the scrimmage game? Something like 7 for 20, 84 yards and 1 interception. Shouldn't be too much trouble for Brett to beat this guy out in training camp.