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the only thing im concerned about with woodley is his coverage. i thought he looked good last year in preseason for a guy with not much expierence at lb. definetly one of my favorite draft picks in recent years. what a solid round 2 the steelers have had the last two drafts. sweed and woodley both could and should of been first round picks
He will have to get better or IMO the coverage challenge can be helped by keeping Troy out of the trenches.
if woodley's coverage is anything to be desired that might be what will keep troy away from o-lineman. hopefully dl will change that aspect of the defense
I'm truly tired of watching Troy go plowing into the center of the LOS. It is a terrible way to run the D. On occasion it isn't a bad idea, but it seemed like we did it 20X a game last year. No wonder the guy is having injury problems, he is taking on 300 pounders 10-20X a game. I am expecting that strategy to change as it didn't work very well last year!