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Thread: Any news on Lorello??

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    Re: Any news on Lorello??

    thats great news, there are few schools better than mich to get a degree from let alone a master's. does mike have any desire to play football outside of the nfl?

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    Re: Any news on Lorello??

    It's interesting the idea of Mike coaching came up...I discussed this at length with him and he has no desire to be a coach...he says it is just not a lifestyle he wants...and we all know how important it is that you need to like what you are doing to be successful at I do not see coaching in Mike's future....

    and as for playing in Canada or has had numerous contacts from teams in that regard but he does not want to do that....if it is not the NFL than his football career is over....

    Mike loves football but it is not his "life"....he believes if he does not have the skills the NFL is looking for than so be it....he knows historically, those who play in Canada or the arena league do not get to the NFL and, since football is not the "end all" for him, he says he is not going to get his body beat up knowing his chances of getting to the NFL are slim to none...

    and as for any advice I could give for Armpit Jr....alsways tell him to take care of the classroom FIRST...and the rest will take care of itself.....I drilled that into Mike from the beginning and he now knows that what I advised him to do has paid off....Mike was always a very good student with pretty good athletic ability so when the time came for a university to offer him a scholarship they had absolutly no worries about his academic fact, Duke was the first university to offer him a scholarship in football along with Northwestern and it took his mother about two years to get over the fact Mike selected WVU...he said he wanted to play some real football and that he would get his masters at a different university....he got a pretty good education at WVU for his undergrad so I don't want to take anything away from them...but academically, WVU is not a Duke or Northwestern...but now, because he graduated with a 3.2 GPA in Finance, getting into Michigan's grad school (or any other university for that matter) will not be a I would advise anyone out there to tell your children to take care of the classroom and whether they have athletic ability or not, laying the foundation academically prepares them for whatever opportuinty comes along...

    Mike knows the Steelers gave him a very good opportunity and if no one else picks him up than he probably does not have the playing skills to get to that level....

    personally, I think that is a great attitude to have...I have always said to Mike that his athletic ability was a vehicle through which he would attain an education and preparation for his life's working experience and he has achieved that....he is going to get his masters degree regardless of whether or not the Michigan thing works will just take him a little longer if it doesn't...

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    Re: Any news on Lorello??

    Great post El thanks for the update.

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    Re: Any news on Lorello??

    Hey El ~

    Thanks for the update.

    Mike has a great father who believes in him, encourages him, supports him. And, of course, Mike sounds like a great son, as well as a football player deserving a break to be in the right place at the right time. He will be successful in whatever his endeavor.


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    Re: Any news on Lorello??

    Thanx 4 the 411 on Mike. Seems like he knows what he wants and will get there. You have done right by him, from what a person on the outside can see.

    I like the fact that it's the NFL or nothing for him. The same injury potential exists in the CFL and Arena League as it does in the NFL. But the financial difference is light years apart. If he is seriously hurt playing in the CFL or Arena, would it be worth it? For someone for whom football isn't the end-all-be-all, it wouldn't be. Mike should be commended for that.

    I've known lots of guys in Mike's situation and they have turned out fine. I know a guy who played at Ohio State who probably had the tools to play in the NFL, but the injury bug just bit too hard. But he came from a good, well-rounded family and he was always a good student and he now helps run the family business with his older brothers.

    Mike seems like a good kid and he had a very good chance to play at the highest level, but it doesn't seem like that will be in the cards. It's smart for him to go on with life. The NFL, for the pleasure we all get from watching, won't be waiting for him. It sounds like Mike is smart enough to know that.
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    Re: Any news on Lorello??

    Thanks, el. If this is it for him football-wise, what are the stories that he will be able to tell his grandchildren one day? For instance, did he ever pick off a Roethlisberger pass in practice or lay out Hines Ward on a crossing route? What memories was he able to take away from his time with the Steelers? (if you don't mind asking him for me)... Thanks again.


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