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Thread: Art Rooney JR says that

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    Re: Art Rooney JR says that

    Quote Originally Posted by NKySteeler
    Quote Originally Posted by LasVegasGuy
    We all have heard the old saying "too many chiefs and not enough indians". Can you imagine the mess when these brothers start dying off and for every one of their deaths we inherit 7 or more owners. When it's all said and done there will be 35 Rooney's running the team which will present a new set of problems. It may be time to let go of the reigns and bring in some new blood. It is going to be weird not having the Rooneys around or coming up with great ideas for black assistant coaches but all good things must eventually come to an end.
    I respectfully disagree with you LVG... Who said anything about 7 participants for every brother? Yes, it would be passed down, but in proportional sizes and less greedy fucking weight as it is now...

    Dan Rooney helped form the idea of the tv contract we have now...

    Dan Rooney helped form the AFC as we view it now...

    Dan Rooney (and his father) were the first to acknowledge the players' union...

    ... There is no reason to believe that the family would not continue the tradition.... You are going for an "unknown entity" whereas this is a "known commodity" that has done pretty damn well over the years... Guess the winning record over the years doesn't mean too much... You may not like the "Rooney rule", but look at everything else this man and family have brought to the league before you start bashing them.... Read up on it, and it may possibly change your opinion.

    I guess we have to agree to disagree on this subject..... And that's fine. That's what this place is all about...

    ...God help us, we'll probably have fucking cheerleaders soon.... So much for tradition, and bring on commercialization...

    Sorry, But I have no problems/issues with the current system whatsoever. This system is what has made most of us fans. ... Don't change it if it ain't broke... And it's not.
    (except for the greedy brothers that want thier $$$... I'm just a lowly fan, so obviously it doesn't matter)

    I was just throwing a number out there I really don't know how many siblings or grandchildren each brother has. I'm just trying to say that for 1 owner with 20% we may inherit 4 new owners with 5%.

    I don't see the brothers as being greedy at all. I see them trying to do the right thing for their families even if it means selling the one thing they love. Just as Art Sr. was looking out for his kids they are looking out for theirs. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion even if it means new owners for the Steelers.

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    Re: Art Rooney JR says that

    Quote Originally Posted by costanza2k1
    Quote Originally Posted by RussBII
    Quote Originally Posted by costanza2k1
    I take back my comments after watching that vid. he looks pretty down about the whole thing. My family has gone through the same thing, granted at a much smaller scale, so I understand completely about taking care of your own.
    He didn't seem all that down to me. I think the word I would use is "resigned."

    It sucks that this all comes down to money... But doesn't everything, eventually?
    Everything does seem to come down to money...better estate planning would've helped. Does Dan and Art II own any stock in the race tracks? I'm curious.
    im almost positive that they do not. this is such horse sh$$. to think the rooneys might not own majority of the steelers is just awful. eff the nfl, its a stupid stupid rule and they should make an exception seeing that this rule hasnt always been in affect and some of the rooneys have owned a dog track for a long time now. i gotta read that book, ive heard its excellent


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