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Thread: "Official" Training Camp Weather Link....

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    Re: "Official" Training Camp Weather Link....

    Quote Originally Posted by NKySteeler
    Quote Originally Posted by fordfixer
    and your going to marry this girl?
    Hey, if she can put up with my shit, I need to!... Besides, she appreciates football almost as much as me... Granted, on Sunday afternoons, for 14 of the games she is watching her team over at her house.

    LoL, she tells me NOT to call her during Bungle games. She doesn't want to be interrupted during the action, and it's bad luck... Every time I would call her, they would screw something up... I told her it's not me, just the same old Bungles!...

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    Re: "Official" Training Camp Weather Link....

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozey74
    Does she accompany you to the annual Steelers/Bungal game in Cincy?
    Yes Oz, she usually does. Except for last year when all the guys were here.

    ... Quite often, I just use her for tickets (just kidding)... Her boss has season tix 12 rows off the 40-yd line, and has given us the tix on a few occasions.


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