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I think he was the punter the Browns claimed off waivers before week 1 smackdown of them last year. He sucked in that game IIRC. How the hell does a punter tear an ACL in camp????? Is it just me or does this season have a bad feel to it? I hate this.
Maybe some sort of hyperextention/tear during the actual kick I guess... But it does have a bit of "bad start" feeling.... Sup, Troy, Casey, Kemo....
i thought i read some where that it was an old injury he suffered at baylor and may have been rushed to quickly to return. doesnt every offseason have a bad feel to it? i mean there have been some bad luck around the steelers. ben's accident, jpeezey getting shot and im sure there have been other misfortunes as well. i remember deon figures got shot a long time ago as well