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Thread: TEs at Fullback at Training Camp

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    Re: TEs at Fullback at Training Camp

    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnMedGuy
    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo
    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnMedGuy
    Does anyone remember who said this would happen?

    It's an obvious move to eliminate the need for Davis. If a TE can
    prove worthy of playing FB...bubye C.D. Like I also said
    very well could see Russell at FB before the end of camp. was me!!!!!! Oh and you too
    You guys are both wrong. DVSONE called this way before any of us. Just ask him.

    As a side note -- based on the highlights I have seen on RM, I believe that he will be able to run out of these types of formations better that FWP, who I think does indeed need a bruiser like Krieder to open up "the" hole.
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    Re: TEs at Fullback at Training Camp

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob
    The Power Spread is coming...
    [url=""] ... index.html[/url]

    Article about Louisville and the Power Spread
    1. Charles Harris-OLB, Missouri
    2. Rasul Douglas-CB, West Virginia
    3. Chris Godwin-WR, Penn State
    4. John Johnson-S, Boston College
    5. James Conner-RB, Pitt
    6. Nazair Jones-DT, North Carolina
    7. Garrett Sickels, DE/OLB, Penn State


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