I think and do believe Terry Bradshaw said it best himself about himself . He suffered from and still does from depression. That said, look at the mans accomplishments, four time super bowl winner, two time SB MVP, and failed marriage and personal anguish.
For one who suffers through depression as this man had and does, the boos did probably mean more than the hurrahs. And were talking about hurrahs that most people in their wildest dreams could only achieve. As spoken by the man in several candid interviews, he wanted "just one time to be patted on the butt" by his coach. He did not get the pat by his coach, he got benched, and Jefferson Street Joe took over the Steelers.
For a little while.
And when he became the makings of a legend, who could he impress as he's stated?
Not Chuck! He impressed his team! And after winning it all who do you impress in off season?
Nobody, because that's what depression really is. You not only can't enjoy your own accomplishments, but you actually shallow other peoples opinions of them ,when they try to pay you tribute as a fan of yours. Mr. Bradshaw gave his most moving speech when he said "I'm back Home" to a crowd of Pittsburgh fans at the stadium and came to grips with himself. He was no longer #12 he was Terry.