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You guys all want to focus on the Stuffs and not anything else I posted.
And because of that your all missing the point. Yes , Tomlinson had few more stuffs
than parker. But he made up for those stuffs with a higher percentage of 10+ yard runs. Not to mention receiving Yards yards. Peterson is another one. Look at his 10+ yards run percentage. If Parker was breaking that many 10+ yard runs per his carries, we wouldn't concern ourselves as much with the stuffs. Read the whole post Fella's. Don't shoot the messenger. The Fact is Parker doesn't do anything especially well. Not on 1st and 2nd down. Not in the red zone. Not as a pass receiving threat. Not on long runs. He gets stuffed alot. We can do better at that postion.
Sorry, I don't mean to be unfair but generally you seem to emphasize that WP has a problem getting positive yardage. That is why I focused my response on that part of your post. You want us to consider your entire post ... fine. Here goes ...

You listed 4 tables. First let's hope we can all agree that LT is the premier back in the league ... or at least in the top 2. Let's compare Willie to LT and see who ranks higher in the 4 categories YOU chose to highlight.

Stuffs per carry Rankings - Willie ranks higher
Ranking percentage of Rushes of 10+ yards or more - LT ranks higher
NFL Leaders Rushing Yards on 1st & 10 - Willie ranks higher
NFL Leaders Yds/Carry, 1st Down & 10 - Willie ranks higher

Now it seems to me that Willie beats LT in 3 out of the 4 categories you chose to show the deficiencies in Willie's game. Why MSM, you sly ole dog ... you set out all along to prove Willie is the best back in the league. I gotta hand it to you ... I never thought that was true but you are starting to convince me. I always looked at it as Willie is a "star" runningback in the league and is better than 98% of the other backs. However he is not a "superstar".

Now after last year I think the powers that be within the steeler organization realized that we have very little at that position after Willie. None of the other backs stepped up to the plate. That's probably why we keep hearing the comment that we have no depth at running back. Now comes draft day and the steelers are on the clock. Lo and behold they look at the draft board and see Mendy still on it. Here is a back that has the possiblity of becoming a superstar. He has the tools to excel as a speed back, a power back and a receiving back. Even if he doesn't he still would make a great tandem back with Willie. They could save some wear and tear on each others body. Even though the O-line is probably the biggest priority all the 1st round players we liked at that position have been taken so let's take Mendy. IF the one big year he had in college translates to the NFL we might have something extra special here. So they hand in the card with the name 'Rashard Mendenhall' written on it.

a) I never said get rid of wilie. I said he is a situational back.

b) your comparing LT's worst season to Parkers' best season

c) LT has 61 TD's last 3 years. Parker 19.

d) Tomlinson made up for his poor 1st down carries. On 2nd down he averaged 4.6 YPC. Parker fell even further to 3.9. LT was in the top 10 on 2nd down. Parker raned 27th on 2nd.

e) Receving Yards - LT has 3 times the amount of Receving yards.

F) Every team focuses on LT. Gameplans are drawn up focusing on LT. Coaches lose sleep over LT. Teams are more concerned with Ben then they are parker at this point in their careers. Lt finds the Endzone. Parker wouldn't know what it is if you landed a plane there.[/quote:ix8fxm7m]

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it....BYOTCHES!