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Thread: Parkers' "Road To Recovery"

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    Re: Parkers' "Road To Recovery"

    Quote Originally Posted by birtikidis
    Quote Originally Posted by NKySteeler
    Quote Originally Posted by birtikidis
    ...and it will help him "move the chains" like so many of you say he can't do.
    ....Sorry man, but it's just my opinion... ....He'll bust out for huge yardage, but often fail to get what's needed for the 1st down. Maybe it's not his fault, but he was put in those positions for a reason, so he needs to produce.
    I'm not pointing fingers, esp. at you, but you know what Parker did a HELL of a lot better than people give him credit for.
    Ditto. Dude gets hit in the backfield on 2nd and 5 and suddenly we are in 3rd and long because of him.

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    Re: Parkers' "Road To Recovery"

    This is why he will stay with the Steelers through the end of his current contract. He is a high character individual and you can never have enough of them.
    1. Charles Harris-OLB, Missouri
    2. Rasul Douglas-CB, West Virginia
    3. Chris Godwin-WR, Penn State
    4. John Johnson-S, Boston College
    5. James Conner-RB, Pitt
    6. Nazair Jones-DT, North Carolina
    7. Garrett Sickels, DE/OLB, Penn State


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