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so by your reasoning, Parker is a BETTER back then LJ? since LJ set the career record for caries on his way to a 1700 yd season (having more then 400 carries) wouldn't that mean that parker is a better back?
Total rushing Yards means nothing to me unless they are a product of very efficientwork. How many times are you going to keep bringing it up?

in 2005, LJ had 1750 Yards on 338 carries.

In 2006 LJ had 1789 Yards on 416 attempts.

His best season was 2005. but you would just look at his over all rushing yards and deem 2006 to be the better season.
total yards is pretty important if we are talking a big difference. that example is a tiny difference in total yards and a pretty big difference in number of carries
correct Mr Tank. If a player has 2 carries and totals 20 yards, well then his 10 yPC average is bogus.