The Sporting News seems to think pretty highly of him.

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1. LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers. More than being the NFL's defending rushing titlist and record-breaking former league MVP, L.T.'s versatility as a runner and receiver stands out as most impressive.

2. Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia Eagles. Although undersized, Westbrook proved his durability in 2007 and literally carried the Eagles' offense, especially after Donovan McNabb's latest injury. Just like L.T., he's a dangerous runner and receiver who can line up anywhere on the field.

3. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings. Peterson had a stellar rookie season, but he doesn't quite possess the versatility of LT and Westbrook.

4. Willie Parker, Pittsburgh Steelers. Another undersized back, Parker has blazing speed and will likely surpass 5,000 career rushing yards this season. Even with the Steelers' new emphasis on throwing for some big plays, Parker can also hit home runs by flat-out running past defenders.

5. Steven Jackson, St. Louis Rams. Versatility strikes again! Jackson had 90 receptions two seasons ago, and he is a threat to win this year's rushing title if both he and his offensive teammates remain healthy.

6. Willis McGahee, Baltimore Ravens. On an offense that can only run the ball, McGahee was the runner. He is a versatile rusher who can attack the edges as well as take on defenders between the tackles.

7. Frank Gore, San Francisco 49ers. Gore has carried his team in recent seasons and established himself as one of the league's premier backs with little help. With Mike Martz in the fold as the Niners' offensive coordinator, look for Gore to become a force once again as a dual threat runner and receiver.

8. Ronnie Brown, Miami Dolphins. Brown averaged more than five yards per carry last season before a season-ending knee injury. He has already been running well in the offseason, and with more of a commitment to the run and a solid line in front of him, Brown should emerge as a top 10 back again.

9. Marshawn Lynch, Buffalo Bills. Lynch averaged nearly 22 carries a game in '07 and is a good fit for the Bills' zone-blocking scheme. He is a one-cut runner who attacks the hole but also has good lateral speed and receiving skills. The emergence of Trent Edwards will open up more running lanes for Lynch.

10. Joseph Addai, Indianapolis Colts. There is no question Addai is a premier, complete back, but he also is the product of a strong system and a smart QB who keeps defenses from stacking the box.