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Thread: If Only Ben would pass the ball to his RB's

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    Re: If Only Ben would pass the ball to his RB's

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob
    Quote Originally Posted by birtikidis
    MSM i could care less who he threw the ball to as long as he checked down to his other options whether it be 3, 4, or 5 on the passing tree. too often he only looks at the first or second option on that tree and tries to force it. but to play devils advocate, there were few times where he had the time to make that progression, so, all things considered you can't complain.
    I a bit confused by what you're saying. Are you talking about a 3, 4, or a 5 route on a passing tree or the option the receivers are in the progression?

    Reason being is you speak about the passing tree in the bolded part above then in the next sentence, in the underlined part, you speak about which option that receiver is.

    I bring this up b/c the route numbers are that, a number given to a specific route, but that has a different meaning as to who the primary, 2nd option, 3rd option in the progression.

    Not trying to pick a fight, but wanted to clarify what you are speaking in reference to b/c as I read that it almost seems like a RB on a 5 route would be option 5 in the progression which he is not, it simply means he is running a flag at say 7 yards from the LOS b/c he is a RB and him breaking to the flag at 15 is out of the question unless you have 2 months to throw the ball. Maybe I'm just mis-reading what you typed...which would not be out of the norm for me LOL!
    yea i was trying to keep it simple and I was in a hurry.
    i was referring to the route on the tree (I should have said 1, 2 and 4 which are generally 5 yd out, slant, 5 yd in) those are the routes ben generally looks at last.
    when i was talking about the tree I numbered it incorrectly.
    the problem is with his progression. he looks deep and waits on it too long.

    sorry about the confusion. I always think about things from the defensive side of the ball.

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    Re: If Only Ben would pass the ball to his RB's

    No worries. Yeah, I kind of figured thats what you meant.

    Very true, that is what Ben seems to do. The only thing I can think of is thats how BA has his read the progression but I understand what you are saying.


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