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I may get killed on this one but I'm not a fan of Nate Washington. Probably b/c of message boards - I think he gets a ridiculous pass on his abilities because of the small school, cinderella story. He's anti-clutch and could be replaced in a nano-second.
Even those of us who are fans of Nate are fans for 2 reasons:
1) he has questionable hands, but, unbelievable everything else - even Ben has called him the best athlete on the team... decent speed, great hops, and the question is "is it his hands, (which he'd be stuck with) or is it his concentration (which can be worked on)."

2) as questionable as his hands are, he still made more plays than Ced, who he replaced. Even if he dropped half his passes (which he didn't) I'd rather have half of something than 100% of zero.

the worst part about it - now that he has a reputation for drops, people jump on him for ANY ball that gets near him - some of which are excusable...

I'm sure I'm not giving him enough credit (the Cincy game from '06 still sticks in my mind)but still think he's over rated. His salary is ridiculous against the cap this year - $1.4M. For a guy who will start out number three and most likely drop to number 4 as Sweed progresses he's simply not worth the money. I'd take Baker as the 4th guy in a heartbeat at a fraction of the cost.
...and he can't seem to find a place on Special Team despite his "freakish" athletic ability. The inability to contribute on ST as the likely #4 receiver is what makes the salary out of whack, but I guess I'm just a hater. He likely only earns his $1.4M if Hines or Santonio get hurt and he gets the additional reps.

The fact that he had less catches and a lower per catch average in 2007 versus 2006 despite our QB having the best year of his career demonstrates to me that he is not growing nor is he becoming a key in our offense. Other players like TEs and RBs are taking his catches. Not something that speaks for his long term contributions to this team.

Ending on a positve he is I guess an insurance policy against injuries.
It's still less than Ced got ($ mil per, IIRC) in a deal SEVERAL years ago... and for MORE production... you're thinking in average Joe middle-class dude, money... Nate's contract is actually reasonable for what you'll get.