I was flying back from Canada, with a golf stop in Orlando. Just a few comments on this topic.

Chem: Hey Coach, can you quite talking during my back swing?
Coach: Does it really matter, Chem?
Chem: You have a point. Any news on Sweed and Mendenhall?
Coach: Sweed is signed but I don't know about Mendenhall? I think there are some hang-ups on that "Likely-To-Be-Earned" bonus crap. I'm glad I'm not Omar the Magician.

I talked to ST yesterday. I think Farrior is in but not the long term he wanted.
Chem: Who is looking good?
Coach: LT has put on pounds and is going to put on some hurt. He is, from a physical standpoint, way ahead of last year.

Wait till you see Troy. He is quicker than he ever was.

We are a little worried about Casey. He has some leg issues but hopefully not serious.

Chem: Let's invite "Jaw Breaker" Rooney over to Grey Oaks and get the true skinny about the sale. I understand he'll work with Art and Dan.