I think this year will be very interesting to see what kind of team we are. The league rules are clearly written to favor the passing game and scoring. I really never see us becoming pass happy (whatever that is), but consider the following:

1. We just signed a franchise QB for $102M. I don't think we did this for him to hand off the ball.
2. We have spent premium picks in the last two to three years for players who add to a pasing attack. Holmes and Sweed at WR, Miller and Spaeth at TE and Mendenhall at RB (who has shown in college he catch the ball).

The question before the group is how much do we pass and how much do we run? Outside the box, I really think that Ben would be the perfect QB to run a more west coast style offense focusing on short to intermediate range passes. He to me is very much a Brett Favre clone and clearly has the weapons now. Are we going in this direction this year? Would we take the AFC by surprise and would this jump us up to the top with the Patriots and Indy?

The thing I really like about this approach is that it gets the ball out of the QB's hands faster thereby taking the pressure off the OL to sustain blocks.