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Thread: Patriots Trend continues to be Money

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    Patriots Trend continues to be Money

    The Patriots are 24-3 Against the Spread during the 2nd Buffalo game. (consider that they are favored in all these games which makes it even more impressive.)

    You think that Video camera helped a little bit?

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    Re: Patriots Trend continues to be Money

    Out of curiousity what is their record in the first game agains the Bills?

    While I am sure videotapes help in gaining the results, you mentioned 24-3 though, Bill has only been there since 2000. So only 7 of those games would count for Bill, right? So those other 20 games would have nothing to do with videotaping, correct?

    So roughly Bill/Videotapes accounted for 26% of those games. Unless you are alleging videotaping was done in New England previous to Bill becoming head coach in Foxboro.

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    Re: Patriots Trend continues to be Money

    MSM & you guys think that if the Pats don't run rough-shod over everybody like they did last year, that Spygate will re-enter the discussion?
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