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yea i posted a reply to that on the trib. did they TRY to extend him? I get the feeling that they didn't...
If they didn't try, why bother with the transition tag? I seemed as though the rest of the league balked at a potentially high price tag anyway. The Steelers couldn't have liked this guy that much, could they have?

You're a good guy to ask about this, birt...how did Starks look in college, based upon your best recollection? Was he very good and just never developed any additional skills to help him in the pro game or was he always just about the same as he is now? Was he an overachiever? Did he simply gain too much weight to be effective?

One thing's for sure: someone in the Steelers FO has a real hard on for this guy. For $6.9M, that one expensive hard on!
yea, the reason I like starks so much is because how good he was here. He played both RT and LT and LG and was pretty damn good at all of them. His question mark in college was run blocking. seems he flipped. Of course we didnt' have the greatest run game at the time (Wynn, Graham, Gillespie*I think was still here) but we were a very good passing team. The last I heard was that he was close to signing a long term deal (from one of his old teammates that I coach with). I asked Mo Mitchell (his old teammate) to bring me some of their tapes so I could watch them again but he hasn't gotten them to me yet.
A friend of mine who has been friends with Max for a long time and played against him (Reggie Washington who played at Vandy) told me that the transition that Tomlin is moving to with the OL doesn't fit Max too well and he's having trouble with aspects of it. he didn't go into detail but he said that max had been working his a$$ off in Arizona. He went on to say that Max got A LOT stronger and that he changed his routine in the weight room. Max comes into Gainesville every now and then. I'm going to try to catch him the next time he's here.
two asides:
Mo was at Dallas Bakers place a few weeks ago and worked out with him and he said that Dallas is in GREAT shape. very fast and fluid.
I have been trying to get in touch with the strength coach at UF I have been wanting to ask him the routine they use for the OL and have him outline it for me. I'll casually mention Max and see what he says... lol.

Great inside info jbirt. The contract dish you got was off, but hopefully the rest of it will prove to be money. That would jive with what I've read and seen from Starks in the off-season.

Haters be ready.