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So, if all the starters in the league get hurt, we've got a chance....

Meanwhile, since only starers play... I hate to admit it, but, Clevelands team looks like serious competition.

Ben > Anderson
Parker > Lewis
Our o-line < their o-line

Braylon Edwards + Donte Stallworth is very comparable to Ward and Holmes. In fact, your average (non-biased) joe would likely give them the edge in that matchup. Throw in winslow and it's them in a landslide.

Looking at defense, they certainly have a lot of veteran names that, if they play up to their potential, could give us fits.

Reading their roster, actually made me more worried...
i dunno about stallworth and edwards being much better than ward and holmes. edwards is the best out of those wr's but stallworth is average and is injury prone. but it all comes down to deffense and the stains d is weak. i doubt rogers will make any difference at all either. even the browns struggled to get to ben last year against the worst o-line in the league and they still wont be able to run much against the steelers