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If he is not willing to accept a contract for close to the vet minimum much like Bettis...he will be gone. The Steelers will not pay him even close to starter money. Why? Because this is his last season starting. He knows it...the Steelers know it. I would like to see him stay...but it's a business. If he really loves the Steelers that much he will accept a 2 year deal for 3.4-4 million. That will retire him as a Steeler and the Steelers get to keep a vet presence in that LB core.
Who's going to take over for him next season?

D will look like this


Sprinkle in a rookie first round ILB.
Davis is a project, I don't foresee him making the starting lineup next year. And Timmons still needs to beat out Foote for playing time this year.

While I would like to see them sign James, I don't see it happening. Although I don't see a proven replacement on the roster currently at this time either. So I honestly think the play of Timmons this year, will in effect decide what is done with Farrior.
I haven't seen too many 3rd round draft picks that are not "projects". With that said, the guy has tremendous ability to get to the QB.