What's up with the other teams in the AFC North and their loser QB's?

I mean, the Felons don't have one so they don't count. However, you have the Bungles with Cornholio doin hotdog ads in which he's putting a big ol' meaty weiner right in his fryhole. He's also the poster boy for the game "CORNHOLE".

Then you have Brady Quinn. First there was that pic of him touchin up on that dude's junk. Then you have the pics of him as one of the Village People. Then you have him supposedly gay-bashing (latent homosexual tendencies causing overly aggressive homophobic behavior, anyone?). And now he's the poster boy for a gay dating site?

How bout our QB? Oh yeah, he bangs super hot tail and has a couple pics floating around of him drunk off his ass (also with hot chicks).