Bored...very bored . So for fun I started thinking about what trades the Steelers could realistically make to improve the team. I started out thinking that obviously both offensive & defensive linemen come to mind, but some out there might think there are other areas that might need some shoring up as well. I'll throw out a few possibilities like...

1. Anthony Smith (S) for Shaun Cody (DET-DL) - A trade that helps both teams as Detroit's secondary is a mess & Cody pays more like 3-4 DE than a 4-3 DL that Marinelli prefers.

2. Mahan (OL) for Elton Brown (AZ-OL) - This trade works for Cards because they have no depth behind a good group of starters. Mahan would be a good swing player for them, capable of backing up the three interior spots. Brown, a disappointment as a West Coast lineman, could focus in as a road-grading guard for us.

3. Nate (WR) for Rod Wright (MIA-DL) & a 6th - This clears up the 3rd WR spot & Nate's status next year while giving us a big, young DE as a back-up.

So what would you guys do?