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Mark Madden might have a point if the Rooneys made very poor decisions based on fiscal policy. But, because they are wise business men...they also play the cap very well. I dont know of many teams that field a competitive team...year in and year out.

Any Steeler fan has a right to be disgruntled regarding the past miss chances (especially the AFCCGs) but they have to also be happy with the results over the past 16 seasons we've had many more competitive peaks than we've had slumping valleys. In fact our valleys have equated to a season, max, then the usual rebound. Look at teams like the Cardinals, Browns, Bengals, Detroit.... the list goes on. We are truly lucky to have had the ownership we've had, regardless of the "cheap-skate" moniker they've received over the years.
You know AA, I remember hearing one of the talking idiots on NFLN during the Steelers breakdown this year, talking about Tomlin, saying the Rooney's "will give him plenty of lee-way, after all, they stuck with Cowher through his lean years." I was like, seriously? He had what, three losing seasons through his long tenure? Name me a team that wouldn't give their left nut for performance and consistently like that. Look, I'm no pushover, but I tend to give a team some slack when 1. they have won a super bowl very recently, and 2. will make the playoffs 80 percent of the time, even when they don't have the horses to do so. Some would call that pathetic, I say expecting nothing less than a Super Bowl each and every season is unrealistic.

To the point of the article, I think Mark Madden is like a lot of the posters on TribLive, and that's why most of us are postign here that majority of the time. There were so many people on that board that I would never want to watch a game with.

I would like to think that the Planet is the place with more cerebral football conversation. The hysterics, the lack of insight, and the overall "sky is falling" mentality is not for me. There were plenty of good posters over there. But, I invited them all here lol. What's left...is not pretty. The few of you that post over there are the only thing keeping that place from turning into a total sess pool of ignorance.

This board is way better. I lurked quit a bit at the Trib for almost 2 years. I've been here 2 months and have about the same # of posts that I did in my 2 years at the Trib just because this is a much more enjoyable platform. There is a right and a wrong way to disagree with someone. The right way is displayed here, IMO.
I agree with this. You can state your opinion on here and rarely does the discussion
start off with a personal attack. I have only one issue with planet steelers. It's the
dark backround with the bright print in the forums. I just find myself squinting my eyes a lot.