I'm still scratching my head! Sirius reported this morning Kevin Jones's agent reported he will sign today with the Bears or Steelers. Why?
Possible reasons:
1. The Parker trade rumors have some truth? I can't believe that! One scenario I do believe is that Parker is truely only 80% and the Steelers might put him on the PUP to start the season. Reports said he looked good but wasn't cutting full speed yet.

2. Not happy with Russell? Again, I can't believe that! I saw the kid in college and have a good idea of the player he could be...As long as he stays focused. Reports say he looks like he is back to form and is playing more like the high draft pick he "Could have been". I can't see them giving up on raw young talent at RB in this salary cap system.

3. Not happy with Moore? There is no way the would cut him even if they weren't happy with him. Reports say he looks like a steal in FA...Don't think this is it!

4. Offensive evolution? Signing Jones would put 6 keepers on the roster. If Parker, Mendenhall, Moore, Jones, Russell, and Davis are the six...Do they carry six? Or is this the Arian's Evolution we heard about but never believed would happen. Meaning...The Steelers don't have a pure FB on the roster. It isn't anything new...There are some NFL teams that do this. More H-Back or 2 TE sets with a single back versus the traditional FB. It is not like the Steelers couldn't get a FB on the market if it failed. I personally don't see a complete 180 in the Steelers Offense in one year. But the Steelers do have some capable HB who could block and Jones is a load too. Maybe a theory...

In summary, "<crickets,crickets,crickets>"

That about sums it up!!!