Just got an invite from Big Fan to check out your new abode and must say this has some nice touches and a classy look to it. One small bit of criticism to the board masters? You HAVE got to make that registration confirmation code a lot harder to read, as it only took me about 6 attempts before finally 'getting it', you know? :P

Okay, all that aside, let's talk about training camps opening, now about 2 weeks away and who has been signed and the many that haven't! I'm hearing this business about the owners having voiding the final year of the CBA, has many agents, rooks and front offices doing the limp-leg two-step in negotiations, trying to protect themselves in whatever favor the buzz is providing and I must say, I'm not all that clear on the particulars.

What I DO know is that in the Chief's case, there's only been a couple of signings so far (a 4th and 5th rounder) with the heavy metal from this past draft still out there on the beach. Nervous time? Very much so, particularly for those late round picks who should have been locked up long ago.

I just don't get it. There's a slotting system in signing these players that they all know, the agents, the front offices and WE know the approximate dollar amount range. And still, to save a percentage point or two, we have GM's like the hardballing Carl Peterson holding everyone's feet to the fire in order to collect HIS bonus for coming in under the onwer's number. (I don't know if that's really true in the Chief's case, but it's the only thing that makes sense to me which, drives me crazy, baby.)

Meantime, we have elite players sitting at home when they should be deep in the trenches of training camp. Not being there retards their progress, the team's chances and sends a negative message to the media and the fans. I know the Comish is all about putting in a rook salary cap (owners have twisted his arm, HARD), but that's a topic which I'm sure we'll visit another time.

Acrimony among the agents and the front offices!!! Must mean that training camp is about to happen and we're all waking from our long NFL football deprived naps. THAT is a good thing.