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That's why I try my best to spread the word. The truth. Think about it. Peter King had
Ben listed 17th last year while he had Kitna and Cutler at 9 & 10. what does that tell you? It tells me that a Hall of Fame Voter has effectively given Roethlisberger little or no credit at all for that Championship march in 2005, as well as the 1st two years over all.
I have been proven statistically that Ben was the catalyst. He was the difference maker.
But a hall of fame voter didn't even think he belonged in Kitna country. Ultimately, my life won't change one bit. But you could be looking at another great Pittsburgh Steeler that one day could be on the outside looking in at canton OHio. The book on Roethlisberger has been wrote by th media. He had nothing to do with the Steelers run first two years.
I would take whatever Peter King says with a grain of salt. The only bigger tool than him is Jason Whitlock.

King has a hard on for Brady and the whole AFC East. I remember how he put Kerry Rhodes the safety for the Jets above Polamalu and Ed Reed. So it's not just a biased against Ben, he just has a biased period...
Peter King has been the ring leader of those Voters who have led the charge to keep
Steelers out of the hall of fame. King said is himself. He said " he just can't see anymore Pittsburgh steelers in the hall of fame." He was referring to the 70's team of course. But
then he has carried that over to Dermonti Dawson. He literally is not voting for Dawson because he thinks too many steelers are in the hall. He is to be taken seriously. He messes with people's careers.