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Also consider that for Cincy to improve the defensive side of the ball, Palmer might have to give up a Chad Johnson or a TJ housch. Maybe that pretty ball won't look as good throwing to Cedric if you know what i mean. in the meantime if Palmer could just improve on third down , he might be the one guy that helps his defenee the most by keeping them off the field.
It didn't help Cinci's defense that up and coming Odell Thurman had/has drug problems, and 1st round pick David Pollack broke his neck.

We keep referencing Palmer's lack of post-season wins...even though the only chance he got, he was knocked out of the game on the second play.

All in all I think he is good, but Ben is better. Like Jom said, no need to tear down Palmer just to validate Ben. His numbers speak for themselves.