1) Starks is the 2nd highest paid steeler for a single season , in the history of the franchise.

2) Mahan was signed for 17 million dollars , and he is now a backup player.

3) Hartwig signed for 4 million and has recently been shown the door by two teams.

4) Steelers have 28 million dollars tied to 3 players nobody else wants. 2 of those players will begin training camp on the bench. One lost his starting job last year with the steelers and was given a nice 7 million guaranteed funds to show for it. One will lose his starting job this year. One lost his starting Job to two different teams already.

5) Cedric Wilson was signed for nearly 3 million dollars per season. The worst offense in the league at the time (49ers) didn't want him. He later was caught beating his wife.

6) Steelers went from 3.4 Yards per rush Allowed to 5.0 yards per rush allowed as soon as AAron Smith left the lineup. The backup players were Travis Tritt And Nicky Eason. Steelers answer in the offseason to address the lack of depth was to resign the 2 stooges.

7) Steelers allow Randle El to beome a free agent 3 years ago. To my knowledge they still have not found a return man. If mewelde Moore is the guy, then it wil have taken them 3 years to find another return guy. meantime the numerous fumbles and ineptitude
only cost a few games.

The Steelers drafted a Linebacker with the 15th over all pick last year. He couldn't even make a tackle on special teams. And he is supposed to be a sideline to sideline guy.
we later find out that we needed a replacement for Larry Foote. Yea , that was real important.

9) Knowing full well you needed a better line, you take a punter and a soft backup tight end with picks 3 and 4. There is no one other than Ben on the team from the 2004 draft. And the steelers drafts from the third round on have been abysmal.

10) When an injury to the QB happens or a major defender tothe def line, Steeler fans by and large will blame Tomlin for the problems. But the real culprit will be the nice quiet
guy from Detroit.