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Thread: Has 'Chief's' warning been forgotten?

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    Re: Has 'Chief's' warning been forgotten?

    Quote Originally Posted by NKySteeler
    Quote Originally Posted by NC Steeler Fan
    Quote Originally Posted by NKySteeler
    ...I'll take the security of this proven family owner...
    Um, doesn't the very situation we are in disprove the guarrantee of security by "family" owners?
    What situation would that be?.... That we are on only our 3rd HC in something like 50 years?.... What other organizatioin is that tollerant and stable nowadays in the NFL?
    No, what I'm saying is that we currently ARE family owned and yet "family" isn't a guarrantee of no change.

    The "situation" is that part of the family wants to sell.

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    Re: Has 'Chief's' warning been forgotten?

    As a life long fan I have to admit this trouble me. The Rooney name has equaled Steelers football for my entire life. The thought of another owner turns my stomach a bit. Reading Dan Rooney’s Book – “My 75 years with the Pittsburgh Steelers & the NFL” you can taste and feel how much this man loves this team. His heart has to be breaking that his family members see the Steelers as nothing more than a business proposition – one their lives would now be better without. From reading the book I’d speculate The Chief never thought the team might be sold away to another owner either.

    Maybe some one can answer – if the brothers wanted out – why did they have to go public and essentially say their shares were for the highest bidder? Why not try to work out an amiable plan and keep the Rooney name attached (maybe they tried…). I think fans (certainly this fan) are somewhat shocked by the seemingly callous attitude the other Rooney brothers have for the team. We all bleed B-NG and this team isn’t any more important to them than paycheck or tax write off. We want to believe it’s more than business but it’s not. Apparently not even a tiny bit.

    If the team has to be sold I’d sure as hell be happier about it being purchased by a guy from Pittsburgh that’s been a life long fan. I like hearing he paints his face. He understands the passion and the identity this team brings to the city and its fans around the country. He’s not looking to take it to LA or the next city du jour. I think he realizes he’s the hero and could go down as a Pittsburgh legend. What’s better than that for a Steelers’ lifer?


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