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Favre has been upset for a long time over the FO's inability to bring in major talent at RB & WR, & he was less than enthused over the hiring of the past few coaches - starting with Ray Rhodes (forgettable), then Mike Sherman (average at best) & now McCarthy.
Rhodes and Sherman may not have been inspired hires, but McCarthy has a 21-11 record as a head coach there (best start in franchise history...Vince Lombardi and Curly Lambeau included). McCarthy also coached the team to overtime in the NFC Championship game in his 2nd year as head coach (gotta love those Pittsburgh roots).

They got him a legit RB weapon in Ryan Grant (nearly rushed for 1000 yards in spite of having a grand total of 6 carries in the first 6 weeks of the season), and he has a wealth of riches at WR (Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, James Jones, Jordy Nelson). They also have built a solid defense as well. What more could he possibly want?
Let's not pretend that last year's success over-writes the past frustration. The jury is still out on McCarthy until he does it without Brett & justifiably so. After all, it's easy too win with a Hall of Famer at QB. As for the players you mentioned, some are definitely good, but lets not anoint them all Pro Bowlers yet as they only recently blossomed. Grant was a blessing after a "running back by committee" approach early on. Everybody knows that Driver practically owes his career to Brett & Jennings was a disappointment season before last. Jones could be special, but last year was his first & Nelson was just drafted - so lets not act as though Brett has had all these tools to work with for years. The defense is solid, but not special as Hawk may eventually become the player most expected him to be.

Don't forget that Favre wanted Moss to be the impact player he knew they needed & the FO turned their noses up just as they had in other seasons. As for what he wants?...That's easy - a ring.