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Chris Henry is out of the NFL, and apparently also out of cash.

Henry, released by the Cincinnati Bengals after a string of arrests, is so destitute that his attorney is asking Ohio taxpayers to help foot the bill for the aftermath of his latest courtroom defense.

The Cincinnati Enquirer quotes Henry attorney Perry Ancona saying the disgraced wide receiver is "broke" and that "He doesn't have any money to pay to pay for a transcript" from the recent court case where a judge declared a mistrial in an incident where Henry faced assault charges.

Prosecutors will retry Henry on the misdemeanor charges, in a trial that's set for Monday.

Henry was a third-round draft choice out of West Virginia University who signed a five-year contract for about $6 million with the Bengals. The Enquirer says he received a $1 million siging bonus, plus a salary of more than $500,000 the last three years.

Even so, attorney Ancona told the judge in the case that Henry "has no funds whatsoever and can't even meet his current obligations." A Cincinnati-area house Henry bought as a rookie in 2005 was auctioned in foreclosure proceedings in May and his SUV was repossessed last month.

**Does anyone have a reason why the Ohio tax payers should pay for any of this?**