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As I am aware there are a lot of Russell pimps. (Not that there's anything wrong with that), he just seems to me unproven at this point. To tell you the truth, he also appears like more flashes than flame . If he is so good why did we not see him produce at critical times last year when we needed someone to step in? (See Davenport, N.)
I will leave the answer to all the self-professed experts, pundits and pimps. I for one think he is not all that, until he shows it in the big league.
Sorry, but I am not convinced yet about this guy, crazy abilities aside.
Sure hope I'm wrong, and he does turn out to be all that, but I cant help but think there must be a reason why you only hear hid his name called mostly on a message board instead of on the field.
In order to produce he will need to get more than 7 carries. Take it up with Tomlin or Ariens.