Since it's still the offseason and there's not much to talk about, I thought I'd start a fun topic.

Last year was Big Ben's breakout year. He set a franchise record, was our biggest playmaker, and made the Pro Bowl. He had a lot of great moments last year, even though our overall record last year was slightly disappointing. So what was your favorite game to watch Big Ben last year?

My favorite (drum roll):

Game 2 against Cleveland. When our special teams let Cribbs have his way, and Ben threw an int in the first half, the second half was all Big Ben. Watching our QB improvise and shred the Cleveland defense was simply magical and Farve-esque. He almost single-handedly brought us back to win the game when every stuck-up fan in Cleveland (and probably a lot of Steelers fans) had counted us out. What made it sweeter was seeing the Browns fans and their team slowly watch the game slip away from their fingers. It was simply probably the best comeback I've seen him orchestrate yet, except maybe the Jags game (although we lost that one). Overall, I think that was one of his best games of his whole career.

Runners up:

The first game against the Ratbirds. He demolished their defense for 5 touchdowns in the first half, even without a running game. Revenge is sweet.

The Seahawks. Ben was near perfect that game. I can still remember the drive he kept alive when it seemed like we had received a holding call on every other play. Were the refs to blame that time, biotches?

So what's your favorite?