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I was personally happy when Cowher left...it was time. He had lost the fire. I would have to assume the possible new owner seen the same thing.

I agree SMG. If this deal takes place, I wouldn't expect any changes that would be outside of the "Rooney way". Based on this excerpt from the Post-Gazette, he would allow the Rooney family to continue in their current role (granted, the source of the information is a friend of Druckenmiller):

Mr. Druckenmiller declined comment yesterday. However, his friend told the Post-Gazette that it has been Mr. Druckenmiller's "lifelong dream" to own the Steelers and that he has no intention of relocating the team or disrupting the management of the franchise. According to the friend, Mr. Druckenmiller said that Dan Rooney can run the team "as long as he wants."