Other than Big Ben, who do you guys think is the most valuable steeler player (Not most talented)?

My choice would be James Farrior. A very under-rated player that leads that devastating LB Corps. The man can rush the passer, stuff the run, run sideline to sideline and drop back into coverage.

Woodley, Harrison are more talented physically at this point but I see him as the leader of that group.

Other possible options:

Troy Polamalu - The playmaker that turns your defense from great to elite. But hasn't been healthy the last couple of seasons and the Steelers defense has learned to be successful without him.

FWP - Lead the league in rushing before his injury last season but since Mendenhall was drafted and Moore was signed you guys have some depth there.

Hines Ward - Still a top receiving threat and the best blocking WR in the NFL. But with Holmes's development and Sweed being drafted he is not has valuable as he was in 2005.

Casey Hampton - Still dominate although his performance has been degrading recently. Hoke played decently backing up Hampton last season. Two seasons ago, I probably would say Hampton.

Marvel Smith - This is the most "valuable" not most talented debate. Smith is a solid O-linemen when healthy. If he goes down your line has to shift around and with the lack of depth will cause major problems for you guys.

Aaron Smith - Another under-rated player that is very valuable because of the lack of depth on the D-Line. After he went down last season your team started struggling against the run a bit.

What do you guys think? Am I overvaluing Farriors impact?