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    Highlight videos, games, other

    Everytime I watch a Steelers game, highlight, or an NFL films production and see the camera zoomed in on the fans I wonder if any of you (discussion forum folks) have been in one of them. In Superbowl XL you see tons of shot of fans when Hines scored on the TD from El... My kids made it on the TV last Monday night game vs the Rats...that was cool.

    Just curious that's all. Please share.
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    Re: Highlight videos, games, other

    Not sure about any Steeler games but I've been on TV a bunch of times during Yankee games. My boss has season tickets right behind the visitors dugout/third base - second row. Awesome seats - and I'm not really a big baseball fan.

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    Re: Highlight videos, games, other

    I haven't been on TV either, of course, I attended most of my games in the late 80s and early 90s, and it was standing room, so I don;t think they regularily shot up there. As an aside, every time they have a Steelers/Bengals game on NFLN, did you notice they have that one guy on all the time. Usually when the game is essentually ended by a Steelers score or a defensive stand or a turnover. He always has that dumbfounded look on his face, too. Priceless. I swear I saw him on at least three seperate highlights.


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