i thought it would be interesting to see everyones most hated steeler list. i dont think i've ever seen it posted. my list is

1. chad scott- was drafted high, got a big contract after one decent year then was an absolute embarrasment

2. plaxico burres- no need to explain

3. neil o'donnell- i will always hate him for the sb loss. it wasnt entirely his fault but it was mostly his fault

4. duce staley- played one year then got paid for doing nothing.

5. mike tomzack- always hated him for some reason even when he was on the bears.

6. charles johnson- had a lot of talent, drafted high and i thought he was going to be so good but he was just another bust

7. huey richardson- huge bust, how many games did he even play in as a steeler?

8. korkie- not only was he a sub par qb and the steelers invested way too many years and money in him but i always thought he was a tool. i even hated him in college

9. bam morris- i loved bam at first and thought he was going to be the next great rb. he turned out to be the dumbest and lazyiest guy ever, but if the steelers had won the sb in 95 he might of been the mvp

10. sean mahan- he is a piece of garbage and should be playing in arena football.