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And let me add something here. I have been saying this for awhile now. A good O IMO should/can show all sorts of looks...3TE sets....dual back shotgun sets, 5 wide, Tall Wr sets etc and so on. When you can do all this well...you can exploit EVERY teams weakness instead of just being able to handle 80% of the teams. If I were coaching...I would want my team to be as versatile as possible. This assures your team that you can game plan around any teams weakness.
If you try to be too versatile and always game plan around another team's weakness you run the risk of not doing those that your team does best (whatever that may be). I'm a supporter of versatility, but, only to the degree that the players' skills allow. I think in a few games last year the Steelers tried exploiting a weakness on the other team, the problem was, the Steelers didn't really have the personnel to do this.

With the variety of different styles and sizes amongst the WR's now with Ward, Holmes, Sweed, Washington, and Baker, plus twin threats at TE with Miller and Spaeth, and a plethora of options in your rushing attack with Parker, Mendenhall, Moore, Russell, and Davis, this team can go double tight smashmouth just as easily as it can go empty backfield 5 wide. The variety of weapons at Ben's disposal now means that we can play to the opponents weaknesses every week, since we theoretically should be able to line up in seemingly endless different combinations of personnel now.